Water Monitoring

The Maroochy Waterwatch arm of ECOllaboration features the Water Monitoring Program. In 2023, this initiative will be celebrating 30 years of volunteer leveraged water quality assessments across the Maroochy River catchment. Locations include various sites along Petrie Creek, Paynter’s Creek, Stumer’s Creek, Eudlo Creek, Cornmeal Creek, Maroochy River and many other connecting tributaries.

Using our collection of Horiba U-52 multi probe analysers, our trained volunteer community network tests over 50 sites across the Sunshine Coast. Data, including turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and salinity levels, is stored and utilised for assessment with any initial concerns reported through to Sunshine Coast Council. Each water monitoring kit is calibrated monthly to ensure data accuracy and all quality assurance procedures have been developed in conjunction with the Department of Environmental and Resource Management (DERM).

The program is believed to be the longest ongoing citizen science project in Queensland and this is a testament to both our past and present dedicated volunteer team, supported by the Community Engagement Officer at ECOllaboration.