SEQ Water Source Protection Partnership

This partnership encompasses two programs: the South Maroochy Revegetation Program, and the South Maroochy Weed Control Program. The Weed control program targets highly invasive, transformer weeds, including Cats Claw Creeper, Madeira Vine, and Chinese Celtis – species that threaten native vegetation and entire ecosystems within our catchment. The revegetation program focuses on reducing water hazards from entering Poona and Wappa Dam, by restoring creek lines of private properties along the South Maroochy River, through weed control, bush regeneration, revegetation and implementing sustainable land practices. This is a large project with the total area covering 114ha of weed control, 7.6ha of erosion repair, and over 19,000 trees planted within the past three years.

Due to its success and the overarching Seqwater approach, it is currently the subject of academic research to study the benefits of collaborative planning and delivery.

ECOllaboration has been privileged to play a significant role in landholder engagement and planning, following through to executing on-ground works, with ongoing maintenance and knowledge-sharing.