Meet The Team


Jim manages Catchment Services the contracting arm of ECOllaboration and is responsible for the efficient running of the crews on the ground and tendering for projects.  Jim has worked for the company for 11 years with a 5 year break in-between. During this break he worked in the Cape to deliver job services and training to Indigenous remote areas in Conservation and Land Management as well as some time in Nigeria Africa to undertake an acacia food planting project. He has been involved in the natural resource industry for over 20 years.  Jim is adept at project management, cost control, human resourcing, risk management, procurement and workplace health and safety.

With forestry as a passion, Jim brings a different viewpoint on managing natural areas. Combined with a talent for business development, Jim has managed the continued growth of Catchment Services starting out in 2006 with an Indigenous team of 3 persons and was recently commended with the Sunshine Coast Council announcing Catchment Services to be one of their top suppliers.

When Jim is not busy with his project coordination, he can be found rehabilitating a koala habitat in Doonan.

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