Meet The Team


Jacqui is a highly experienced environmental and program management professional. She has worked for State and Local Government, the not-for-profit sector, and environmental consulting. Jacqui’s skills are diverse and include extensive experience and knowledge in legislation and compliance, stakeholder engagement, river and bush restoration, project management and leading multi-disciplinary teams. In addition to her technical experience, Jacqui also brings a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and strong communication skills. 

Jacqui is a confident public speaker, is a motivated facilitator and enjoys drawing on people’s passion and motivations for environmental protection and restoration. Jacqui has studied both Public Relations and Marketing and is fascinated in the study of behavioural change, specifically behaviours associated with sustainability and climate change.

Jacqui’s passion is working collaboratively to improve the resilience of the natural environment, whilst having the opportunity to lead and inspire others.

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