Future Plus – Ground Parrot Habitat Improvement and Conservation Corridor

This year we have been awarded two large projects from Future Plus Environmental that will be ongoing throughout this year and next. Encompassed in the overarching offset delivery plan for the Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion is the Mooloolah Acid Frog Pond offset (which we are delivering for SSC), and the Eastern Ground Parrot Offset Project established by the Department of Environment and Science (DES). Unlike most of our project that involve constructing habitats by planting native flora – this project involves the removal of native Melaleuca trees, to create corridors allowing foraging and breeding for the vulnerable Eastern Ground Parrot. Although the idea of removing native trees at first seems counterintuitive, our team recognise the importance of this project to the conserve the long-term ecology of this landscape. This project has been delayed several times due to wet weather but is set to kick off early 2023.

In addition to this project, we are also working with Future Plus to plant over 20,000 trees across a 100-metre-wide conservation corridor connecting the southern and northern section of the airport to allow safe passage for fauna. This project also involves 5 years maintenance.