Frog Monitoring

Frog Monitoring

Our community frog monitoring program has been running for over a decade and has contributed data to national, state and local databases.

We monitor a range of sites that cover a broad range of ecosystems and therefore we are monitoring the habitat of a diverse range of frog species. From Giant Barred populations in the hinterland to Wallum Froglets on the Coast, you can help us.

You don’t need to be a frog expert, in fact, our Citizen Science programs are a great way to get the family outside and learn more about local flora and fauna.

We monitor for frogs throughout the summer season, so reach out to express your interest today.

Wallum sedge frog © Cameron Taggart

Giant Barred frog © Erlend Harstad

Tusked frog © Erlend Harstad

Report frog calls using the FrogID App

The Australian Museum’s FrogID project harnesses the work of citizen scientists to power frog research and conservation. Record frog calls with the FrogID app for scientists to listen and identify and help provide valuable data for the protection and conservation of frogs.

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Our 2023 monitoring results

2023 fast frog facts:

🐸 97 volunteers
🐸 15 surveys
🐸 213 individual frog sightings
🐸 9 native frog species recorded
🐸 3 IUCN listed threatened species recorded
🐸 34% decrease in sightings from 2022

Proudly Supported by the Sunshine Coast Council’s grants program

Make your own frog hotel!

  • Arrange the pipes how you would like them to look in your container.
  • Scoop the soil around the pipes until they stand upright on their own.
  • If you are adding a plant, place it so that the rim of the pot sits just below the edge of the container.
  • Fill the rest of the container with the soil, rocks or river stones.
  • Fill the pipes and bowl with water.
  • Place in a shady spot away from pets -Your frog hotel is now ready!


Some common native plants suitable for frog hotels are: Lomandra hystrix, Common rush (Juncus usitatus), Bog primrose (Villarsia exaltata), Native violet (Viola hederacea), Frosmouth (Philydrum lanuginosum) [1]



[1] Wildlife QLD, How to build a frog hotel