Natural Areas Management

Making a Difference

Catchment Services staff have a broad knowledge and understanding of environmental issues and conservation management with skills in project management, plant identification, monitoring, habitat hectare assessments, condition assessment, mapping, analysis of biodiversity data and targeted searches for rare and threatened species in a wide range of environments. The team have undertaken a broad range of environmental assessments in south-eastern Queensland. The purpose of these assessments is varied and includes native vegetation mapping, impact assessments, ecological monitoring, botanical survey, threatened species survey, weed management and the preparation of reserve management plans. Catchment Services can undertake assessments for state and local government as well as the private sector.

Ecological Restoration

Our staff have an in-depth knowledge of the flora and fauna of Queensland and extensive experience in the application of state and federal government legislation and environmental policy.


An environmental offset compensates for unavoidable impacts on significant environmental matters, (e.g. valuable species, habitats, and ecosystems) on one site, by securing land at another site, and managing that land over a period of time, to replace those significant environmental matters which were lost.

Vegetation Management

Using local plant species where possible is important to maintain ecosystem integrity and health. Catchment Services can compile site specific species lists tailored to our clients’ requirements, including but not limited to, suitable pioneer, ground-cover, mid-storey, canopy and emergent species.

Landholder Advice

Our team are experienced in ecological assessments on private land and can offer advice, education, extension, management plans and grant application assistance. We have been providing local landholders with advice across the Sunshine Coast region for nearly 30 years.

Project Management

ECOllaboration provides full scope of a project from planning, human resourcing through to reviewing outcomes. We demonstrated skills and knowledge in the delivery of integrated project management plans determining optimal strategies for milestone delivery and ensuring environmental best practice.

Aerial Mapping

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and the use of UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicles) are technologies critical to the successful management of many environmental projects. We have skilled professionals integrating spatial data collection, the use of UAV’s and GIS software and hardware to enable the detailed analysis at any scale.