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ECOllaboration provides comprehensive zoological and botanical advice and qualified staff for assessment of endemic and pest flora and fauna values across any site.  Our team are supported by a suite of experts in flora and fauna identification and taxonomy and have the capacity to consult or collaborate within specialty areas.

An understanding of the flora and fauna values within a project’s footprint as well as the interaction with the surrounds is often a critical component of the impact assessment, design and long-term management of a site.  Early consideration of the environmental constraints of a site or a project can lead to an increased ability to avoid or mitigate impacts and therefore assist in a streamlined assessment and management process.

ECOllaboration can design, manage and undertake all aspects of flora and fauna monitoring including:

  • Declared rare and priority flora and fauna searches.
  • Flora and vegetation assessments.
  • Floristic community type identification.
  • Threatened ecological Community identification and management plans.
  • Flora and fauna taxonomy and auditing.
  • Wetland delineation and management plans.
  • Pest species mapping and integrated pest management plans.
  • Remnant vegetation management plans.
  • Threatened species management plans.
  • Rehabilitation plans and planning list preparation.