Citizen Science


Community Water Quality Monitoring

One of the core activities of Maroochy Waterwatch is the collection of water quality data.  This is undertaken on both commercial and community based approaches.

Our commercial service offers a full quality assurance and quality control procedure and adherence to chain of custody specifications.  Timely and detailed reports can be compiled dependent of client needs.

Our community based monitoring consists of a total of 60 families carry out voluntary testing at 145 sites on a monthly basis using a Horiba U-52 multi-probe analyser.  Monitors measure and record a number of physical and chemical parameters that are indicators of the waterways’ health.  Maroochy Waterwatch is committed to obtaining high quality assurance with water quality test results.  Water quality monitors are given extensive training in testing and reporting procedures while a rigorous quality assurance process has been developed in conjunction with the Department of Environmental and Resource Management (DERM.)  Maroochy Waterwatch leads the way in quality assurance for community water quality data.  Water testing kits are calibrated regularly and calibration logs are maintained.  Other water quality testing is carried out in accordance with DERM standards.


Frog Monitoring

Our community frog monitoring program has been running for over a decade and has contributed data to national, state and local databases.

We monitor a range of sites that cover a broad range of ecosystems and therefore we are monitoring the habitat of a diverse range of frog species.  From Giant Barred populations in the hinterland to Wallum Froglets on the Coast, you can help us.

You don’t need to be a frog expert, in fact, our Citizen Science programs are a great way to get the family outside and learn more about local flora and fauna.

We monitor for frogs throughout the summer season, so reach out to express your interest, as frog monitoring 2022 will begin soon!