Resilient Communities

ECOllaboration has a strong and proud history of working with local communities to build resilient landscapes.  We have experience in managing a community nursery, running one of the largest community water quality programs in Queensland and assisting local government to successfully engage and motivate their natural area volunteers.

Maroochy Waterwatch

Maroochy Waterwatch is a community based organisation engaged in the protection and enhancement of the Maroochy River catchment and region.

Maroochy Waterwatch is involved in many strategic planning activities for the broader Maroochy River issues and has a strong volunteer workforce actively improving the health of the River and surrounds.


River Patrol

ECOllaboration operates community based River Patrols in the Maroochy and Mooloolah Rivers.  Groups of volunteers cruise the waterways in search of rubbish in the navicable reaches of the rivers.  Volunteers are welcome!