Located on the Sunshine Coast in South East Queensland, the Maroochy River drains an area of approximately 640 square kilometres of subtropical coastal plain. Bounded by the Blackall Ranges in the north and west, and the Mooloolah Range in the south, it flows into the South Pacific Ocean near the town of Maroochydore.

The catchment area extends 22km inland from the coast, with a north south distance of 35 km at the longest axis. The majority of the catchment is contained within the Maroochy Shire area, with small parts in Noosa Shire and the City of Caloundra.

The Maroochy River divides into two arms at its tidal limit, with these being called the North and South Maroochy Rivers. Below the confluence of these lies the estuary, termed the Maroochy River.

Detailed information about the catchment regions is below: